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What We Do

Emerald Nodes maintains an international network of associates who are among the best in their respective profession. Most are employed at leading consulting firms, financial institutions,  technology companies and large corporations. 

We create additional opportunities for members of our community by working with select companies in the digital and entrepreneurial space. Sometimes we receive attractive and non-public job opportunities by our partners and have the possibility to suggest potential candidates. Those can be either members of the Emerald Nodes community or their referrals.

We use matching algorithms to forward job opportunities to the most relevant nodes in our network. Those have the possibility to either apply themselves or recommend strong candidates from their network. As colleagues, friends and fellow students they can determine candidate eligibility and availability better than any third party.

At Emerald Nodes, we screen the forwarded profiles, get to know the applicants and make sure the applications meet highest quality standards. Eventually we forward the most promising profiles to our partner companies. If this leads to a successful hire, Emerald Nodes receives a fee which is used to further develop the network and facilitate events for our members.


Our Offer

  • Source highly motivated, entrepreneurial, well educated talents from our associated networks

  • Find the best candidates with specialised skillset such as data scientists, software developers and engineers

  • Connect to a specific audience while maintaining confidentiality

  • No risk involved - our fees are 100% success based


Current partner companies

We work with companies of all sizes and are industry agnostic. Current partner companies range from publicly traded global players over SMEs to niche startups.

It is our policy to keep the names of our business partners low profile. In case of serious business inquiries we will provide you with testimonials, case-studies and success stories.