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Our Members





Diverse Professions

Our members have a diverse range of backgrounds including

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Consulting

  • Banking & Finance

  • Technology & Telecommunications

  • Venture Capital

  • Academia

This diversity allows us to tap into a range of different networks to identify the most relevant and suitable members to help other members out. Also, this allows us to identify potential candidates for opportunities at our partner companies.  

Talent HUBS

Our associates are living in different parts of the globe, inside the world's most vibrant talent hubs. We can therefore provide access to pools of knowledge and international talent pool and connect members with contacts and opportunities that might have stayed local. 

Multiplier Nodes

Our members are multipliers in their respective networks. They are successful academics or industry professionals and part of a wide range of alumni associations at leading institutions. Many are graduates from leading universities in Europe and the US.  What they share is the willingness to support each other and use their network in the interest of the community.


A Circle of Reciprocity and mutual benefit