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Emerald Nodes

we connect talent



What We Do


Emerald Nodes is a network of professionals who are highly connected in their respective fields and have access to a large pool of accomplished individuals.

At Emerald Nodes we facilitate new connections and provide talent with opportunities at selected organisations. 


OUr Mission

At Emerald Nodes we believe in the power of trusted networks. We are convinced they can unleash potential and lead to mutual benefits. We are trying to create win-win-win situations in which talents, members and organisational partners benefit.


Leverage Networks

The number of meaningful connections a single person can maintain is naturally limited. But when including the friends of a person's friends, the number of connections increases almost exponentially. Emerald Nodes uses this concept to leverage the networks of our well-connected associates to find the very best candidates for selected opportunities.

Trusted Leads

Talents know talents. And they know about potential candidates' capabilities as well as about their availability. We are leveraging trust and personal relationships to create mutually beneficial situations for our referrals, our associates and our partner companies. To reward that trust, we require our partner companies to meet high quality standards for all promoted opportunities. 

Build Bridges

Often there are large information gaps between opportunities and talents. Our associates are distributed across the globe and members of a variety of alumni associations and communities. We are bridging the information gap by bringing opportunities to the right groups of people and spread the word by using a combination of network effects and data driven algorithms. 

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